Our Story


Graduating from Amity Business School, Gauri pursued her career in Jewellery Designing by enrolling at JDPC, Delhi (Jewellery Product Development Centre) followed by a course in Gemology from GIA, London. In 2010 she launched her brand 'Gauri', and there has been no looking back since. With a penchant for always doing something unique, she likes to work with new and innovative designs. Understanding the likes and preferences of her clients is her specialty.

True to their tagline 'A Jewel Shindig', Gauri Himatsingka pieces are a glitzy gathering of jewels coming together to be a part of a grand celebration. Each piece is made unique by the use of different kinds of rare stones and is like an exquisite piece of art. Gauri also specializes in redesigning old or damaged jewellery, to give it a contemporary look. Gauri offers a variety of distinctive designs and the latest styles of costume and sterling silver jewellery at competitive prices.

Her love for jewellery is drawn from her mother. Her passion and love for jewellery designing is her driving force and has helped in successfully launching her brand. Getting support from her friends and family is what had motivated her to launch her own brand. When not expressing her opinions through her jewelry and in conversation, Gauri loves painting and listening to music.

Gauri wants her brand to be a part of the Lakme Fashion Week and also plans to open a store from where she can retail her jewellery and accessories in the city. Currently, she supplies to different stores across the country like EVOLUZIONE - Delhi and Chennai, ATOSA - Mumbai, FUEL - Mumbai, MOGRA - Mumbai, ANGASUTRA - Hyderabad. Her products are available on her website - www.gaurih.com and also on Pernia's Pop-Up Shop. Gauri has also been a part of various exhibitions in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chandigarh and has received rave reviews for her creations.

Redesigning old jewellery - Our USP

One of the things I love about the jewellery business is that metals and gemstones never go out of fashion. Gold can be melted down, reused, reshaped and remoulded. Gemstones can be rearranged and added to give pieces of jewellery a new lease on life. Something that was once worn by a great grand parent a century ago, can be reborn to form part of a new engagement ring. Redesigning your old jewellry is the perfect way to breathe new life into valuable pieces that just don’t suit your style.